Helchock Placement

Helchock Placement

The Helchock helmet system can support most helmets when properly placed. Placement on the helmet is key to having a safe drop free support. The placement of the helmet should determine how to helmet will be stowed. If there is too much weight forward from the Helchock, the extra weight acts as a lever amplifying the weight of the helmets pull. This may cause the helmet to rotate and dislodge magnetically from its stowed position. Refer to the image below for hanging direction. 

Note - Lighter helmets may be able to hang in any direction make sure to test the position so that no light bumps will dislodge the helmet from its stowed position.

Placement A -

If the Helchock is placed in position “A” hang the helmet in this direction

Placement B –

               If the Helchock is placed in Position B Hang the helmet in this direction