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If you have ANY kind of helmet this is for you. We have all  witnessed our brain buckets rolling away from our “secure” spot at one point in our lives. The backseat looked like a good place to set your brand new custom painted piece of art, until you brake for that deer that had to cross the road in front of you! Until now, you had to have a flat place to set your helmet, generally taking up the best “flat area” real estate. With Helchock, you can hang it literally anywhere.

 If you’re on a bike trip with your new girlfriend, you have to find two spots to lay your helmets while protecting them from rain or other elements. Do you think she’s going to wait for you to pull your cargo net out and bungee chord your cargo like a packed  c130? In a short second, your buddy already had his  helmet magnetically zapped into it’s safe spot and is sitting with your girl in the bar. 

Skiers and snowboarders clamp a tough claw on your skies or board while in the rack, or to save space while stowing your gear inside. 

If you’re in the recreational sports rental business, you’re in the helmet business! But if you don’t have a set place for your customers to place their helmets, you’re  guaranteed unnecessary damage. 

The Helchock is made from a patented flexible rubber which allows it to conform to any shape or size of helmet.  It can also lay all the way flat and hold up anything else you can think of. Why let your most important piece of safety equipment keep rolling down the slope? Helchock it up!! 

HELCHOCK Mount Includes:

Helmet bracket only

  • EPDM rubber carrier equipped with a neodymium N52 magnet secured with 3M VHB tape. 
  • The Helchock is molded with a 10 inch sphere  inside contour. The EPDM rubber carrier is flexible enough to lay completely flat and wrap around odd shapes and smaller shell sizes. The Helchock should work on all helmets that the VHB tape can stick to. Other more permanent methods can be used to attach to the helmet of your choice such as glue, epoxy, velcro, etc. 
  • The top side of the Helchock has a flat area over the magnet to allow for magnetic coupling to the Helchock cupped mount or another ferromagnetic source.
  • The EPDM rubber top surface provides friction against the mounting surface to keep the helmet in place in turbulent and shear force situations.